Time for a change?

Looking for a new start somewhere different this week? Orkney could be the place with all the answers...

Ever felt the need to get away from it all? You know, away from some bad news that has caught you out unexpectedly during the week.

Well, here in Orkney, we might have the perfect location for you. There are plenty of places just right for hiding out until things are, well, better.

For example, did you know you could buy your own island? There are currently two for sale here.

The Holms of Stromness - yours for a mere £300k

If you have a spare £300k you could be living on the tidal Holms of Stromness, complete with beautiful views across the harbour to the old maritime town. Just think, 12.5 acres, a six-bedroomed house, your own wind turbine for energy…and even a flag pole, just in-case you want to proclaim yourself as the new president of your island paradise.

For the same sum of money you could also buy the Holm of Grimbister in the Bay of Firth. There you would own 40 acres of land and a lovely old stone cottage and steading. Again, you’d have easy access to the mainland at low tide and a wind turbine for energy.

The Holm of Grimbister, accessible at low tide from the mainland

For a little bit more you could take over 150 acres of land at Green Farm in Eday. You would own a farmhouse, self-catering cottage, wind turbine and ownership of your very own sandy beach. Just think of all those early morning and evening walks on the shore…

Everybody loves lighthouses, right? Well, how about moving into a Lighthouse Keepers house with stunning views over the wild seas of the Pentland Firth? If that sounds like your cup of tea then the Cantick Head Lighthouse Cottages in Hoy might be the property for you. For around £275k you could buy the main house and two smaller cottages, currently run as a self-catering business. It’s certainly a spot to clear the head.

These cottages at Cantick Head in Hoy could be yours for under £300k

What else? Well, you might feel like turning to prayer at times like this, so maybe a former manse and church would be the ideal location for you. This property in Egilsay offers panoramic views across Orkney’s north isles and plenty of renovation potential. There is also an old kirk for sale on the neighbouring island of Rousay, which features cliffs, sea caves and archaeological attractions galore.

The Greenwall Mill in the mainland parish of Holm might be an attractive purchase. It’s nearly 150 years old and has spectacular views over the Churchill Barriers. If you’re a dab hand at DIY then this could be the place for you.

The Greenwall Mill could be the perfect restoration project

How about heading back to school? The South School House in Sanday is up for sale just now. For a mere £130k you could be head of your own class with a three-bedroomed home and old school and an acre of land.

Finally, the house of Heath Hill in Stromness has always attracted attention. Set back from the road amidst trees and bluebells, the beautiful old 19th Century property has sat unused for years. You could bring it back to life though if you have a spare £195k.

The stunning Heath Hill, ready for refurbishment

As you can see, Orkney is full of interesting locations, just right for a clean break or a fresh start. And, best of all, we’re a happy bunch here. Expect warm and friendly communities where everyone is welcome. No walls to keep you out, no immigration issues at our airport or ports.

So, what are you waiting for? Come to the islands and make yourself great again.

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