• Albert Street, Kirkwall


Shopping can be a truly unique experience in Orkney.

Independence is very much the theme here, with the town centres in Kirkwall and Stromness supporting a wonderful variety of businesses, covering everything from food and drink, to jewellery, arts, crafts, fashion and more.

You’ll find large chain stores such as Tesco, Lidl, Boots and Superdrug here, as well as most high street banks. But these larger shops are vastly outnumbered by excellent local options, full of hardworking and talented owners providing an excellent service to the local community and visitors alike.

Outwith our larger towns you’ll find thriving communities with excellent well-stocked shops with everything you can imagine, from groceries to toys, and hardware to fishing equipment. Shops in our islands are real treasure troves too and are famed for their incredibly varied selections.

Orkney is also home to busy cafes, hotels and restaurants too. Explore our listings below to sample some of Orkney’s shopping experiences for yourself.