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  • Fishing in Orkney - image by Colin Keldie


Orkney welcomes anglers attracted by over a hundred miles of sea trout shoreline, inland lochs stocked with canny brown trout and the promise of a day's exciting sea angling.

We can’t promise tight lines all the time, but we’re sure you’ll be hooked on Orkney’s angling hotspots nonetheless. You’ll also receive a warm welcome and advice (along with a few ‘ones that got away’ tales) from our local fishing community.

There are six main lochs on the Orkney mainland that offer excellent fishing, with local ghillies and a small number of boats available to hire too.

For a comprehensive overview of fishing in Orkney, and detailed information on our lochs and the hard work that goes into the preservation of stocks across the islands, visit the Orkney Trout Fishing Association website.

If you're interested in sea angling in the waters around Orkney, visit the Orkney Sea Angling Association website for more information.