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Buy Orkney Crafts Online

Find something unique for yourself and your home, courtesy of Orkney's creative community.

Orkney has always been home to talented traditional and contemporary professional craft makers.

You can find an incredible array of unique, handmade items here, from artwork and jewellery, to ceramics, knitwear and furniture. They're all designed and made across Orkney, with many of our makers influenced by the sights, sounds and scenes of island life.

  • Sheila Fleet Jewellery

    Sheila Fleet Jewellery

  • Hilary Grant Knitwear

    Hilary Grant Knitwear

  • Harray Potter

    Harray Potter

  • Fluke Jewellery

    Fluke Jewellery

  • Orkney Hand Crafted Furniture

    Orkney Hand Crafted Furniture

  • Orkney Storehouse

    Orkney Storehouse

  • Ortak Jewellery

    Ortak Jewellery

  • Carrie Paxton Design

    Carrie Paxton Design

  • Hume Sweet Hume

    Hume Sweet Hume

  • Bill McArthur

    Bill McArthur

  • Aurora Jewellery

    Aurora Jewellery

  • Toumal Art

    Toumal Art

  • Zoe Davidson Jewellery

    Zoe Davidson Jewellery

  • Scapa Crafts

    Scapa Crafts

  • Heilagr Jewellery

    Heilagr Jewellery

  • MadeitOrkney


  • Orkney Star Island Soap

    Orkney Star Island Soap

  • Alison Moore Designs

    Alison Moore Designs

  • Castaway Crafts

    Castaway Crafts

  • Celina Rupp Jewellery

    Celina Rupp Jewellery

  • Giuliana Criscuolo

    Giuliana Criscuolo

  • Leo Kerr Mirrors

    Leo Kerr Mirrors

  • Orkneyinga Silversmiths

    Orkneyinga Silversmiths

  • Judith Glue

    Judith Glue

  • Andrea Holmes

    Andrea Holmes

  • Ola Gorie Jewellery

    Ola Gorie Jewellery

Check out our listings below to find your ideal item from our Creative Orkney members.