Who needs a heatwave?

We don't always get the weather but we've got plenty to appreciate.

I was walking to work this morning, feeling a bit jealous of the temperatures the BBC was showing for the rest of the UK, and wondering why I didn’t live somewhere just a little bit warmer, when I thought back to a conversation I had with my son while out walking one night. He’d stopped at Scapa beach wondering if he might spot a killer whale. I pointed out that it was a wee bit shallow just there for killer whales. He told me it was one of the things he most wanted - to see some exciting wildlife - in the wild, for real, not in a zoo. I'll admit, we have done a lot of zoos.

How good was it to be able to tell him that actually, any day of the summer holidays, we could join a boat trip around Scapa Flow and if we were really, really lucky we might just spot a killer whale, or another whale, but if we didn’t there are birds of prey nesting on the cliffs and loads of other exciting things to see.? Add to that the time I’ve spent this week uploading beautiful photos to the orkney.com website, and well, they can keep their heatwave. Orkney’s pretty great really.

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