Wave and tidal energy boost for local business

With Scottish Renewables estimating that the wave and tidal energy sector has been worth £32m to the Scottish economy in the last year, here is one local business's view of the sector.

Roving Eye is an Orkney-based operator of ROVs (remotely-operated underwater vehicles) and survey boats. The husband and wife business employs four, and has received around 65 per cent of its 2014 revenue from work in the wave and tidal sectors.

Owner Keith Bichan said: “Marine energy is a thrilling sector. We’re always doing something new, and something probably no-one has ever had to do before, thinking outside the box and working on complex solutions with some of the most innovative engineers in Europe.

“We are involved throughout the life-cycle of wave and tidal energy devices, from surveying the seabed as part of the consenting process to monitoring the deployment of devices and maintenance and, finally, surveying cables annually for the full life of the projects.

“Wave and tidal have changed the vibe in Orkney – they have made people believe we can make a future for the islands as oil and gas reserves deplete, and the thought that the eyes of the world are on what we are doing makes it all the more exciting.”

As told to David Hartley.

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