Orkney makers heading for Glasgow

17 of Orkney’s talented food, drink and crafts producers are heading to Glasgow this weekend to take part in Scotland’s largest trade fair.

The Creative Orkney and Taste of Orkney members will join around 500 other companies from across the country at Scotland’s Trade Fair, including Scotland’s Speciality Food Show, at the city’s SEC campus between 27-29 March.

They’ll get the chance to showcase their products to retail buyers from department stores, online outlets, tourist attractions and shops, delis and independent stores throughout the UK.

The Taste of Orkney contingent travelling to the event include Argo’s Bakery, Barony Mills, Deerness Distillery, Island Smokery, J. Gow Rum, Jollys of Orkney, Orkney Creamery, Orkney Distilling Ltd, and Stockan’s Oatcakes.

  • The Island Smokery

    The Island Smokery

  • Orkney Distilling Ltd

    Orkney Distilling Ltd

  • Barony Mills

    Barony Mills

  • Deerness Distillery

    Deerness Distillery

  • Jollys of Orkney

    Jollys of Orkney

  • Orkney Creamery

    Orkney Creamery

  • Argo's Bakery

    Argo's Bakery

  • Stockan's Oatcakes

    Stockan's Oatcakes

  • J. Gow Rum

    J. Gow Rum

Joining them at the trade fair will be eight Creative Orkney makers, including Aurora Jewellery, Flow Glass, Fluke Jewellery, Heilagr Jewellery, Karen Duncan Jewellery, Leo Kerr Mirrors, Ortak, and Sheila Fleet Jewellery.

  • Fluke Jewellery

    Fluke Jewellery

  • Aurora Jewellery

    Aurora Jewellery

  • Flow Glass

    Flow Glass

  • Karen Duncan Jewellery

    Karen Duncan Jewellery

  • Heilagr Jewellery

    Heilagr Jewellery

  • Leo Kerr Mirrors

    Leo Kerr Mirrors

  • Sheila Fleet Jewellery

    Sheila Fleet Jewellery

  • Ortak Jewellery

    Ortak Jewellery

Project Manager for Orkney food, drink & crafts, Edgar Balfour, said “After the challenges our members have experienced over the last two years, the opportunities on offer at major events like this are more important than ever. It gives local businesses the chance to put their products in front of buyers from around the country and potentially reach new customers and markets.

“The Orkney stands always make a major impression on visitors and buyers, and it’s great to see so many local makers heading south to promote their products, and the islands in general.”

Attendance at the event is being supported by an Orkney Marketing funding package. An initiative between Highlands and Islands Enterprise and Orkney Islands Council, Orkney Marketing funding is available to projects that focus on bringing local companies together in joint promotions, ensuring the islands maintain a strong presence in competitive markets such as food and drink, the creative industries and renewable energy.

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