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Make sure you get the space you need in Orkney.

Thousands of historical sites, hundreds of miles of coastline and huge skies as far as the eye can see. Finding your own space isn’t a problem in Orkney.

If you’re visiting the islands and want to find your own space on a beach, here are some of our favourite locations that are well worth seeking out.

The Sands of Evie offers beautiful views out over the islands of Eynhallow and Rousay, and to the Atlantic Ocean beyond. The Broch of Gurness is nearby too, if you want to combine nature and history in a single visit.

One of the finest stretches of sand in Orkney, Tresness is found on the east coast of the aptly-named island of Sanday. You’re almost guaranteed to have this beautiful beach to yourself, but you’ll always find another one nearby if needed.

Even getting to this beach is a bit of an adventure. You have to cross two Churchill Barriers before descending the steps to the sand, found in the shadow of another one! You can actually walk between the 2nd and 3rd Barriers here, with the sand snaking along the shore of this uninhabited island.

A walk to Warebeth is highly recommended if you want to blow away the cobwebs and soak up some stunning Orkney scenery. Take the coastal path from Stromness or head over the hills of Outertown. The Hoy hills provide the backdrop, and the beach is a fitting reward for your efforts.

One of Orkney’s best beaches, Dingieshowe is part of the thin strip of land that connects the parish of Deerness to Orkney’s mainland. It’s the perfect place to spot seals in the surf and find shelter in the surrounding dunes.

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1 - Sands of Evie, West Mainland; 2 - Tresness, Sanday; 3 - Glimps Holm, Burray & South Ronaldsay; 4 - Warebeth, West Mainland; 5 - Dingieshowe, East Mainland

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