Sealcam back in focus

The Sanday Sealcam is back online, providing the perfect insight into Orkney's newest grey seal arrivals.

Orkney’s seal population is set to grow considerably over the coming months, and you’ll be able to keep an eye on proceedings from the comfort of your own home once again.

The Sanday Sealcam is up and running for another grey seal pupping season, giving viewers a real insight into the lives of newly born pups.

The majority of Orkney's grey seals are born during October and November - image by Raymond Besant

Broadcast live over the internet, the camera focuses on two important breeding beaches in the island of Sanday, an important habitat for Orkney’s seal populations. The first arrivals have already been caught on camera with more pregnant mothers coming ashore in recent days.

Orkney’s waters are home to about 25,000 grey seals, almost a tenth of the world population. The camera gives people the chance to see daily life at their ‘rookeries’, but seeing them in real life is one of the great wildlife experiences of the colder months too.

The view from the Sanday Sealcam, with a newborn pup and calf on the shoreline

The cows gather on beaches throughout Orkney and each give birth to a single white-coated pup. By late October there should be plenty of activity, usually peaking early November. If you do want to travel to see them for yourself, it’s important to keep well back to avoid alarming the seals. A good place to watch them from a safe distance is the car park at Windwick, South Ronaldsay.

But if you want to stay warm this autumn, the Sanday Sealcam is just a click away!

A grey seal pup in Orkney - image by Premysl Fojtu

Find out more about the island of Sanday and if you want to visit Orkney this season view your accommodation options.

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