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Responsible travel

We're looking forward to welcoming visitors back to Orkney after what has been a long and challenging few months for everybody.

Our local shops, services and attractions have all worked so hard to make customers feel safe, and of course our natural attractions are as welcoming and wonderful as always.

But we do have something to ask of you if you’re planning a visit to the islands this year. When you’re exploring our coastline and countryside, please enjoy it responsibility. Look after our ancient landscape, thinking of those to come after you, and of the local residents who call this place home.

Always remember to:

  • Pick up litter, taking it home with you or using any bins provided
  • Keep your dog on a lead around farmland and livestock, and clean up after pets too
  • Avoid lighting fires or BBQs on moorland or in the countryside, and if you do have a BBQ or bonfire on a beach, please clean up afterwards
  • Stick to designated walking and cycling routes when you’re out exploring, and be respectful of private property
  • Use gates where they’re provided and, if they’re closed when you find them, close them again after passing through
  • Avoid disturbing any natural flora, fauna or wildlife habitats

It’s always worth reading up on the Scottish Outdoor Access Code before you explore Orkney too.

Our advice to get the best of your visit is to slow down, enjoy the gentle pace of island life, shop local and plan ahead. By following our tips above, and taking all the necessary COVID-19 precautions, you can keep Orkney safe for everyone and make the most of your time here.

Find out more about responsible and sustainable tourism on the Visit Scotland website.

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