New Penguin device installed at EMEC

The latest wave energy device to arrive in Orkney waters has been installed at the European Marine Energy Centre.

Wello Oy’s wave energy converter has been deployed at EMEC's test site at Billia Croo, off the west coast of Orkney, as part of the CEFOW (Clean Energy from Ocean Waves) project.

The Penguin device under tow by Green Marine UK to Billia Croo in Orkney - image by Colin Keldie

It's not the first time the Finnish company has seen a device installed in Orkney - the company first tested with EMEC five years ago. Locally based marine services company Green Marine carried out the work at the test site, once again highlighting the strength of the supply chain and skills available in the islands.

Jason Schofield, managing director of Green Marine, oversaw the operations. “The successful installation of the Penguin at EMEC this weekend was due to careful planning and a close working relationship between Green Marine and Wello Oy,” he said. “The fantastic operational planning by the Green Marine team, utilising the weather windows at this time of year, allowed for a seamless operation.”

Installation work underway off the west coast of Orkney - image by Colin Keldie

CEFOW is a five-year project funded by the European Commission’s research and innovation programme, Horizon 2020. It is led by Fortum to develop and prove Wello’s Penguin device can operate in real-sea conditions.

Mikko Muoniovaara, senior project manager at Fortum, added: “Deploying the Penguin in winter is an important milestone for us, providing valuable learning for both Fortum and Wello. Cost efficiency of operations and maintenance plays an important role in any renewables and Green Marine's achievement shows that these operations can be done safely outside the summer season if needed.”

The Penguin device will be tested at EMEC's test site as part of the CEFOW project. Image by Colin Keldie

Find out more about Orkney's marine energy expertise from the Orkney Marine Renewables website. Newsletter

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