• Sea kayaking close to a marine energy test device in Scapa Flow, Orkney

Orkney is the focus of ITV climate change documentary

As global leaders take part in crucial climate talks at the COP26 event in Glasgow, the Orkney community’s pioneering efforts to harness the natural resources of the islands have been attracting unprecedented attention from the world’s media.

Although Orkney’s position at the forefront of renewables research and development is well established, recent weeks have seen a huge surge in enquiries and visits from news crews keen to witness the activity first-hand.

And now the islands have taken centre stage in a major ITV documentary called Orkney: Britain’s Green Islands. The programme was broadcast at 8.30pm on Tuesday 2 November and is available to view online.

Filmed earlier this year with support from the team at Orkney Marketing, the 30-minute programme sees presenters Julia Bradbury and Alex Beresford explore how the islands are making stunning progress towards a greener future.

Julia discovers that Orkney generates around 130% of its energy needs through renewables, on windy days producing more electricity than the grid can handle, and sees cutting-edge technology at work that could transform travel around the islands and beyond.

Alex, meanwhile, travels to Westray to learn about the positive impact of the island’s community wind turbine, with both presenters exploring wave and tidal power projects underway in Orkney. They also meet some of the resourceful people utilising renewable energy for their livelihood and take in some of our spectacular scenery.

The islands’ unforgettable landscape and resourceful people leave Julia and Alex inspired by Orkney’s potential as a pathfinder, pointing the way towards a bright, sustainable future for the rest of the world.

Orkney – Britain’s Green Islands is a Wingspan Production for ITV, filmed, produced, and directed by Kim Lomax.

Speaking to Orkney.com about the experience of filming in Orkney, Kim said: “I knew that Orkney’s scenery and endless daylight hours (we filmed in July) would be a gift to us as filmmakers, but what will really stay with me is the pioneering, can-do attitude of the people we filmed. I know our viewers will be inspired.

“It was also important to us to ‘walk the walk’ as well as ‘talk the talk’ in terms of our production’s environmental impact. This meant working with local crew members and using electric vehicles onscreen, and for our team. Orkney provided these, and much more.

“And I don’t want to give too much away…but one of our presenters muses on camera about a possible move to Orkney!”

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