• View towards Hoy, Orkney - image by Kendra Towns

Our favourite places

Orkney is full of special places, from stunning coastal scenery to amazing archaeology and incredible islands.

Different locations mean different things to different people. So, to try and find out what makes a single site stick in the memory, we've asked six local photographers to share the secrets of their favourite places and tell us why they'll always make a return trip.

The Ring of Brodgar is one of my favourite places in Orkney to visit and photograph. The large stones create such a mystical atmosphere that takes you back in time. Whether it’s sunrise, sunset or just a cold grey day, the stones seem to glow with energy and are pillars of timeless strength.
Kendra Towns
As you leave Rackwick Bay behind you are soon rewarded with your first glimpse of the Old Man of Hoy and St John’s Head. As you approach, the whole spectacular view opens up. The size and scale of the scenery here takes my breath away every time I visit. Time your trip right and watch the sun set over the Atlantic, with the orange glow bringing the red sandstone of the sea stack and cliffs to life.
Graham Duffin
I'm sure I am not alone when I say the Broch of Gurness is one of my favourite places in Orkney. The broch lies on such a unique part of the Orkney coastline and the views across Eynhallow Sound to Rousay are breathtaking. The incredible preservation of the site also offers a uniquely vivid glimpse into what life might have been like for its Iron Age inhabitants.
Rachel Eunson
My favourite place in Orkney to photograph is Rackwick, in Hoy. We have a family cottage there and it really is a photographer's dream, with majestic cliffs, extraordinary seas and so much character.
Ally Velzian
I love taking photos of seascapes and in Orkney there are so many places to choose from. Marwick Head is really special, particularly during the summer months. As long as I have a coastline, a nice sky and waves coming in, I’m happy.
Robbie Rendall
I love this little-known stretch of coastline in South Ronaldsay with its 'secret' sea stacks, geos and caves. This shoreline is packed with pupping grey seals in the autumn and teeming with seabirds in the summer. I've even been lucky enough to see orca here once! For me this will always be one of those special Orkney places.
Kim McEwen

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