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New 'Nebula' Collection from Alison Moore

New jewellery collection inspired by Orkney's sky at night.

We catch up with jewellery designer Alison Moore to find out about the inspiration behind her new 'Nebula' collection.

"The inspiration for my new Nebula collection came from gazing into the dark winter Orkney skies. On a clear night, it is possible to see planets and the Milky Way galaxy. This fascination with the sky, led me to look at NASA's space photography. The images that the Hubble Telescope capture of what lies beyond what we can see with the eye is incredible. Not only that, but they are works of art too. Each colour captured by the telescope represents a different chemical which formed when a star collapsed. I wanted to capture these colours in the gemstones that I chose for the new collection."

"The Nebula rings are a little bit special. Individually they are beautiful rings with three gemstones, but add a second ring and they interlock and create an explosion of colour. With a starting price point for silver rings of £79 and earrings £34, the collection is also available in solid 9ct gold."

The full range is available at or in her Dounby shop. Other stockists can be found here Newsletter

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