My name is Heather Liston and I am a distance healer and I live in Orkney, Scotland. I have not always been a healer but I have always been able to sense things around me that have been slightly unusual. In my youth I used to hear voices call my name and also I could see what was going to happen before it happened and this has helped me to avoid a few scrapes in my daily life. When I was 15 years old I had the misfortune to be knocked down by a double decker bus but I was miraculously saved from serious injury by being pushed onto the pavement out of the way of danger by an invisible hand which I felt on my shoulder. I had always had a dream of being knocked down in an accident and could feel myself trying to crawl away from the scene and that was what I was doing after I landed on the pavement. Unfortunately I didn 't know when this was going to happen to me.

Across the rest of my life I had always felt as if someone was watching me and in my mid forties some strange events happened to me. This is what led me to have the ability to channel white light energy for healing.

I left school in 1969 aged 15 and began my working life. I have had a variety of jobs and they included care work/cleaning work in a nursing home and as a home carer. When I was 46 years old I began to have breathing problems and I didn 't realize what was wrong with me. I thought that I may be becoming asthmatic. I did not go to the doctor but my condition got worse. For some months I had noticed strange coloured orbs following me around and I could feel a presence around me. When I was asleep at night I could feel someone or something working on and around my body, but I was not afraid as I already had felt 'their ' touch in my road accident. I exercised patience and realized that I was being 'healed '. Each and every night they came and worked on me until I could breath normally again. This is when I knew that I had been connected to healers from another dimension who had abilities beyond our understanding. They have remained with me since then and I now know their names. Alda is the person who healed me with helpers from his dimension and now he has encouraged me to become a white light healer.