A ferry or flight will take you to this fantastic ancient site, perched on a hillside overlooking Orkney's north isles.

Eday is an excellent island to visit - a mix of beautiful beaches, wonderful wildlife, mysterious moorland and some amazing archaeological sites. Vinquoy Chambered Cairn, found to the north of the island, should definitely be on your hit list.

Situated on Vinquoy Hill, with stunning views over Calf Sound and Orkney's north isles, this Neolithic cairn was first excavated in the 1850s and features an entrance passage which leads to a central chamber and four small cells. At around three-metres-high, it's a smaller cousin of Maeshowe in Orkney's World Heritage Site and has similarities of many other cairns found across the islands.

It's unique in that it's made from Eday's famous red sandstone, and it offers such magnificent views over the surrounding landscape. It's a site rarely visited too, so there's a good chance you can crawl in and have it all to yourself. It's the perfect opportunity to connect with history, nature and the magnetic north all in one go.