The ever-changing moods and colours of Orkney's wild seas, open skies and rolling landscapes provide the inspiration for artist Ingrid Grieve, who strives to capture the essence of her island homeland through an instinctive and passionate approach to painting.

Although Ingrid had long harboured a desire to work as an artist, it wasn't until she was in her forties that she decided the moment was right to pursue her dream. Giving up full-time work, she undertook formal training at Orkney College, studying first for an HNC and then HND in art.

She graduated in 2009, setting up her own studio five years later in the garden of her home in Orphir - toumal is an old Orkney dialect word meaning 'the field belonging to the house' - taking full advantage of the site's spectacular views across the expanse of Scapa Flow.

Immensely proud of her Orcadian heritage, Ingrid's work is very much about place. You won't find any people in her paintings, but she'll often incorporate some elements of human interaction with the Orkney environment, recognising the part generations of farmers and fishermen have played in shaping the landscape.

Visitors are welcome at her brand new studio in Orphir, where her work can be viewed and bought. Visitors are more than welcome Wednesday - Saturday between 11am and 5pm. Contact Ingrid directly to arrange a visit outwith these times.

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