Torrin first came to Orkney by boat and was so entranced by its unique situation and the limitless inspiration to be found in the abundance of nature's displays, together with the extraordinary 5,000 years of human history there, that he decided that this was the permanent move he needed in order to gain the confidence to embark on his greatest adventure - that of finally being brave enough to put his art on public display.  Torrin has had a stutter since the age of four, and art has given him a 'voice' that allows him to communicate his interpretation of his surroundings without interruption. A picture can indeed say a thousand words, and can mean a thousand things to a thousand different people, so it is a very efficient way to communicate your love of what surrounds you to a wider audience. Orkney has to be one of the most beautiful, intriguing and unusual spots to be found on the planet,  and Torrin hopes that his artwork will inspire people to visit this beautiful place he is now proud to call his home.