"The Hoos", a tastefully renovated 2 bedroom apartment that sleeps 4

Orkney attracts visitors from all over the world. Some come to see our world heritage sites:

Skara Brae. Between 4 and 5 thousand years old. Home to families long before the Pyramids were built.

The Ring of Brodgar. A Massive stone circle some 104 metres in Diameter now containing 27 stones but thought to have once had 60. What was it for? How was it built? (Speak to the locals, our favourite tale was that it was a corale for Dinosaurs!)

Archaeology is everywhere, be willing to go off the beaten path and you can find real gems where few others visit. (Our favourite is the Broch of Gurness, circular houses similar to Skara Brae, but not fenced off!)

Some come for our wildlife. Grey and common seals are everywhere, steal up on them unawares as they sun themselves "hauled out" on a remote beach. Birds abound from Puffins to Arctic Terns, just beware the "Bonxies" in breeding season!!

Some come for our recent history. Scapa flow was the anchorage for the Great fleet in both wars. The Churchill Barriers and the blockships (see banner picture above), The Italian Chapel, The Sunken German fleet. The Royal Oak museum

Some come to "Island Hop" There are 70 islands in our Archipelago, some with just a few hardy souls. Beware where you are sent by helpful Orcadians, their definition of an Island is a rock big enough to feed a sheep for a year!

Some come in winter to experience nature's anger as storms, built up over 3000 miles across the north Atlantic, explode onto the cliffs at Yesnaby.

Whatever your reason for coming beware the invidious peacefulness that will enchant you. This is Island Time. An experience that makes "manyanna" too hectic. As Orcadians would say: "Whit like the day"

Bed Linen Provided, Clothes Line, Cooker, Double Room, Freezer, Fridge, Hairdryer, Iron, Lounge, Microwave, Shower, Television, Towels Provided, Tumble Dryer, Washing Machine
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