We are proud to source and serve a full range of Orkney produce, supporting local growers and manufacturers while ensuring our guests enjoy both the quality and provenance of the islands' fare.

The Ferry Inn is a star on the map for visitors to Stromness. Where great local food is served alongside fine drinks. Our menu endeavours to meet the tastes and desires of local diners and visitors. Booking ahead is always recommended.


Our meats are sourced from award winning local butcher E Flett & Co, who themselves buy locally grown beef, lamb and pork.

Our seafood is from Orkney Fishermens Society, a co-operative business which has been the lifeblood of our harbour town for over 60 years. Their fresh shellfish - scallops, brown crab and lobster - and when in season Scapa Flow langoustines and line-caught mackerel, are brought in daily by local boats, with whitefish sourced predominately from the markets in Scrabster and Lerwick. The haddock for our superb fish and chips special is from sustainable stocks, and Jolly's of Orkney provide excellent secondary processing for example for our range of smoked salmon products.

Dairy needs are well met by local cheese manufacturers at Grimbister Farm and the Orkney Cheese co-operative, with milk, cream, butter and ice-cream from the Orkney Creamery at Crantit.

With Vetquoy Free Range Farm eggs, breads and biscuits from Stromness producers Argo's and Stockan's to supplement our homebaked breads and cakes, and our own garden grown soft fruits and herbs when in season, we truly work to offer a fantastic 'Taste of Orkney'.

The restaurant area is available for private functions for groups of up to 50. If you are visiting in the busy summer months then booking for lunch or an evening meal is generally advisable as our popular eatery is very well patronised and table space can be at a premium. Call or email us to make your reservation, or book online.

The Ferry Inn has always had a good reputation for local ales.

Recognised in the Good Beer Guide and multiple winner of the CAMRA Northern Isles pub of the year, the cellar has racking for up to 10 local cask ales, with 4 handpulls on the bar as well as bottled local beers from the fridge or shelf.

From Rob Hill's Swannay Brewery, among others, Scapa Special, Orkney IPA, Orkney Best, Orkney Blast, St Magnus Ale and Orkney Porter all feature strongly while from The Orkney Brewery in Quoyloo come Dark Island, Corncrake Ale, Red MacGregor, Raven Ale, Northern Light and the fearsome Skullsplitter.

If you are into your local beers and are looking for some of the best conditioned cask ales in the north, then The Ferry Inn is the place to be.

But if beer is not your thing…don't rule us out, because at The Ferry we also have one of the best stocked back bars in the islands, with great wine, premium gins, interesting rums including a number of overproof specialities (to be handled with care) and a fine selection of malt whisky from the length and breadth of Scotland.

With wines and beer aplenty, including a full range of locally brewed beers and ales from the Orkney and Swannay Breweries, along with premium spirits such as Orkney's Kirkuvagr and Johnsmas Gins, Scapa and Highland Park whisky and not forgetting our crystal clear water on tap, we will always make sure your meal is washed down a treat at The Ferry Inn!

Breakfast: 7-9.30am (residents)

Evenings from 5pm (open to non-residents)

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