Our innovative technologies and processes deliver a step change reduction in cost and enhance through-life performance for our customers.

We understand the challenges faced by the marine industry. Ensuring that low cost marine operations can be achieved is a fundamental design driver for all of our systems;  enabling the deliver of commercially viable projects. 

SME has developed innovative solutions for anchoring in soft and hard seabeds in energetic environments. These anchors are installed into the seabed with our ROV technology and are avilible in a number of configurations for differing projects and load cases. Extensive testing has been carried out on land and in the sea, culminating with teh installation of four 100t anchors in the tidal stream at the Falls of Warness just off Eday Island. 

Our main focus has been, PLAT-O, a tidal energy system, fitted with SCHOTTEL SIT turbines. PLAT-O is a moored, buoyant platform that is positioned mid-water column. It provides a comprehensive systems integration solution, exporting grid-compatible power from multiple tidal energy convertors. A 100kW PLAT-O prototype will be grid-connected at EMEC in mid 2016. A 240kW commercial demonstrator will be deployed towards the end of 2016.

For more information regarding any of our systems and how they may suit your project in aquaculture, energy generation, or vessel mooring please get in touch info@sustainablemarine.com