SULA Diving Ltd (SULA for short) was established in 2003 and focussed initially on the provision of technical support to the Orkney Hyperbaric Trust (OHT) and commercial diving services (SCUBA and surface supplied). SULA has a long-standing contractual arrangement with the operators of the Flotta oil terminal to provide maintenance and inspection services on subsea assets but is also active in the marine renewables sector and has been involved in a variety of installation and maintenance projects for wave and tidal power companies working at Orkney’s test facilities. Its work at the OHT continues and currently provides state-of-the-art treatment facility in Stromness that supports both the recreational and commercial diving sectors in Orkney and the surrounding area.

Complementing its diving activity, SULA has developed a range of remote sensing survey techniques, including side scan sonar, magnetometer & remote video survey. Working with a partner business (Triscom Enterprises), multibeam echo-sounding (MBES) survey is also available. These techniques offer a number of applications in the marine sector, including bathymetric survey, seabed monitoring, habitat assessment, scientific and archaeological inquiry. SULA can also deliver high quality underwater photography, video and 3D visualisation (photogrammetry).

SULA works closely with local academic partners to provide marine support for scientific and archaeological work. SULA has considerable expertise in maritime archaeology, including unexploded ordnance (UXO) and is frequently consulted on coastal and offshore developments during the environmental impact assessment phase.

SULA also provides fish stock assessments and habitat surveys, focussing mainly on salmonid populations inhabiting freshwater and marine environments.