Whether you’re interested in just getting a general feel for the island and its cultural history, are looking for more in-depth information about your ancestors, or want to take a delightful trip down memory lane, make the Stronsay Heritage Centre your first port of call.

It's full of artefacts and resources, including photo albums, charts, lists, magazines, and articles, to help you find out more about the island, its history, and you own ancestry. You can take a 360-degree look at various places in Stronsay and other north isles locations too.

The centre is housed in its temporary home at Wood's Yard, with plans afoot to find a permanent base for this collection of Stronsay artefacts and information. To find the centre, head west through the village Whitehall. Just beyond the Storehouse Bed & Breakfast you'll find an entryway into the haulier’s yard and Wood’s Yard. The yard is comprised of several units, with the signposted Heritage Centre in the middle.

The Heritage Centre is open daily between 9am and 6pm and entrance is free, with donations welcome. If you find the door locked within these times, try the office on the far left as you face the units and there may be someone to open it up for you.