Wholegrain oats, Orkney island water and traditional baking skills make our oatcakes special.

Stockan’s bakery is located in the picturesque harbour town of Stromness. A 4th generation, family owned business which is very proud of our Orkney heritage, with a loyal and committed workforce, many of whom have been with the company for over 20 years, and some over 40.

Great taste and quality are the key to our award winning Orkney Oatcakes. These crunchy savoury handmade biscuits contain carefully sourced ingredients, no artificial colours or flavourings, are suitable for vegetarians, with many also vegan approved and are baked full of slow energy releasing wholegrain oats which are naturally high in fibre.

One of the leading Scottish oatcake brands in the UK, we are particularly famous for producing triangle (sector) shape oatcakes. This shape dates back centuries to when oats and water would be mixed together, the dough rolled out thinly like a pancake, cooked on a round griddle over an open fire and then quartered.