If you feel like recharging your batteries undisturbed in a peaceful, beautiful place – then time out in Shapinsay could be just what you need! A welcoming haven awaits ‘peace and quiet seekers’ in our easy to reach location. Got a problem to solve, a decision to make or just want to de-stress or ‘chill’ we believe that our pretty patchwork fields, unspoilt beaches, wetlands, coastal heath and grassy tracks could be just the soothing backdrop you need! In fact the old Norse name for Shapinsay, Hjalpandisey, is thought to have meant ‘guiding Island’. So we hope you find whatever helpful insights or revelation you need at this time for your life’s journey. As a guide for your mindful meander we have published a handy booklet which you can buy for £6 at the island's shop or from the Boathouse Development Trust Offices nearby. It can also be found in the Orcadian Bookshop, the Travel Centre and Head Start hair studio in Kirkwall.