The company provides:

  • High standards of health and safety; Safety Management System of an equivalent standard to the International Safety Management code in place
  • Experienced and professional Orcadian crew who are willing to make a positive contribution to client’s objectives
  • Highest quality vessel from world leader DAMEN. Genuine MultiCat®
  • Cost efficient charter rates
  • A firm commitment to respecting client confidentiality
  • Partnerships with associated companies to allow an integrated turnkey professionally managed solution if required
  • Comprehensive insurance policies with cover up to £25m.

New DAMEN MultiCat 2613 M.V. ORCADIA II

Scotmarine Ltd are pleased to announce the arrival of their new Damen 2613 MultiCat work vessel. The M.V. ORCADIA II is one of the most powerful Multicat work vessels in the world and the largest possible in its Classification at 199.8 BT. The vessel’s capabilities include a certified 50.5T bollard pull, 100T anchor handling winch, 60T towing winch and twin 290 HS Marine knuckle boom hydraulic cranes each capable of lifting over 42 tonne. The vessel has a total power on-board of over 4000hp. The vessel will be based in Orkney and operate in a number of different sectors. Services offered by the Orcadia are:

  • Marine renewables support
  • Dredger service
  • Heavy anchor handling
  • Hose handling
  • Supply services
  • Ploughing
  • Heavy towing
  • Survey
  • Dive support works
  • Fish farm support

Our crew is widely considered one of the best in the industry, fully qualified to carry out all vessel operations and with over 15 years direct experience with Damen MultiCat® vessels. For charter availability send an enquiry or call the vessel direct on 07920024164.