Scapa Flow Diving Centre is one of the oldest established diving centres in Orkney.

The present boat is the MV Crusader, a 63 ft converted side netter built of larch on oak frames to withstand the rigours of the north sea. She was built by Dawsons of Seahouses for a Major Leng of Scarborough and put into service as a North Sea offshore fishing vessel. She is noticeably wide in the beam and provides a very stable dive platform, powered by a turbo charged 350hp Cummins marine diesel the MV Crusader is capable of nine knots whilst running smoothly with little vibration or noise. MV Crusader has a fully fitted out wheelhouse, with all navigation aids and electronics and also carries all relevant safety equipment to MCA standards.

A fully fitted galley, two below deck heated saloons, a wet change area on deck, flushing toilet facilities, onboard Nitrox, onboard compressors and 02 clean cylinders all combine to make MV Crusader a comfortable and safe dive vessel of the highest quality.

... whatever your grade, come along and enjoy diving Scapa Flow.

You can experience the unique and exciting dives Scapa Flow offers. Whether you are a novice or and experienced diver, you will find a dive to exhilirate you and bring you face to face with German and British history. Take a step into the past and see 25000-ton battleships of the Grand German fleet or enjoy more scenic dives and strategic blockships that are too numerous to mention. So what ever your grade come along and enjoy diving Scapa Flow.