I’m an artist based in Sanday, Orkney. Glass art is a passion that has taken hold of me in recent years. I find it to be the perfect canvas for me to express my deep love of nature and my love of animals.

I have always loved nature from a very early age and before moving to Orkney, many years ago, I worked as a Veterinary Nurse for many years, caring for small animals, and that love of furry and feathered, wild creatures and their habitats has endured ever since.

In Orkney, glass art is a little-known art form and, out here on the islands, I can truly indulge this passion. As well as glass art, I also love painting, lino printing and hand-made card creation, which I sell through my website and Sanday Community craft Hub as well. Every piece I make is done by hand, by me, on the island of Sanday, Orkney. Glass art, especially, is a beautiful medium and I’m proud to say that every element of my artwork is made on the island. The wooden stands are made locally, by hand, and all glass I use is high-quality, made to last.