Spring/Summer 2024
I am taking bookings for the 2024 season.
Please do not hesitate to contact me for details and to make bookings.
Many thanks and stay safe.

On your tour we will take a leisurely drive around the island with plenty of stops for flowers, birds, seals and spectacular island views. We will visit various archaeological sites, a testament to the continuous human settlement on Rousay, a history that covers a period of more than five thousand years.

The island has a diverse group of animals that you might see during the tour. During the day we will visit Saviskaill Bay where you can see seals and, if we're lucky, an otter or two as well.

The drive around the island will also provide you with some spectacular scenery and on a clear day, a view of most of the other northern Orkney islands from the top of Sourin Brae.

We will visit Midhowe Broch and Chambered Cairn, which are two of the finest archaeological sites on the Orkney islands.

Next on the list are two other sites on the south side of the island: Blackhammer Cairn and the two-storied Taversoe Tuick.

You should carry a camera or you might miss your chance of capturing some breathtaking moments.

All-in-all you will have an adventurous day that you will remember for years to come.

Booked tours met on arrival off the 10.40 am ferry from Tingwall, and return on the 17.30 ferry departure.

Picnic hamper lunches available by request.