The 900-kilowatt turbine on Kingarly Hill is expected to provide an income of more than £2 million over a 20-year period, an income which will be used in the best interests of our community.

The Development Trust 's aims are to improve the quality of life for the islands ' inhabitants of all ages, in ways that are both sustainable and environmentally sound. More specifically the Trust is aiming for:

  • A balance of population of all ages
  • Vibrant economic activity with a range of job opportunities on the islands
  • An increased population
  • A range of affordable housing options
  • Regular and affordable transport on and between the islands and between the islands and the Orkney mainland
  • Self-sufficient in energy, resources and vital services
  • Good community facilities such as schools, health, sports, postal services, shops and hospitality trades.
  • Promotion of our islands ' resources and produce
  • Enhanced local care for our elderly
  • Improved facilities for our youngsters
  • Maximised benefits of tourism within the ecological limits of our islands.