RM Computing was founded by Roderick McLeod (RM) over 30 years ago, initially providing bespoke software solutions to businesses throughout the Orkney Islands. In August 2001 RM Computing became a limited company and expanded its remit to provide a wide range of IT Support services to local businesses, this saw Duncan start his role as a director in the company. Although we no longer develop software solutions we do still come across some of Roderick's code from time to time which is always nice to see.

In August 2014 Rob joined the company as a partner helping Duncan run the business and bringing with him some fresh ideas. Our offerings are always growing as we develop our team, and our focus will always remain on delivering technical solutions along with excellent customer service.

We have grown our team as demand for our services has increased and look forward to continue offering employment opportunities. 

Our office is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.