This 17th century building is found tucked away in the parish of Rendall.

The Rendall Doocot, or dovecote, was built in the mid 1600s in the West Mainland to house pigeons, which provided meat for the resident family at the nearby Hall of Rendall. The doocot here was constructed in the beehive style, a cone shape with four string courses of stones jutting out from the thick walls.

The birds entered the doocot through a small hole in the roof and nested inside. There are other examples in Orkney, but most are more traditionally built in a square or rectangular style. You can see examples in Sanday and nearby at Woodwick in Evie.

You can still open the door of the Rendall building and take a look inside. Be careful though, as you're liable to be greeted by some of the newer inhabitants of this old doocot! There is a small car park next to the site if you plan to visit.