This relatively unknown site is five thousand years old and can be found in Orkney's north isles. Quoyness Chambered Cairn is quite simply one of the finest archaeological locations in Orkney.

The megalithic tomb in Sanday is similar to the well-known Maeshowe on the Orkney mainland, complete with its own entrance passage and large central chamber, with six smaller chambers. Access is via a nine metre long passage, although only the last three metres are covered (but you'll still get your hands and knees dirty!)

Quoyness was first excavated in the 1860s. The chambers inside contained the bones of both adults and children, which places the site in context with other archaeological remains found in the area. The heart of the cairn is around four metres long, with the huge walls extending four metres upwards. It really is an impressive and imposing structure.

Best of all, you'll probably have it all to yourself. Check out our Elsness and Quoyness Chambered Cairn walking route to explore the area further.