Take the 21st century Pentland Firth crossing to Orkney with Pentland Ferries.

The crossing takes approximately one hour during which you will sail through the Pentland Firth and into the Orkney Archipelago. This is the shortest and quickest sea route to Orkney with your car. The route is the most sheltered between Gill's Bay in Caithness and St Margaret's Hope, South Ronalsay in Okrney providing a more appealing option for those who are unsure of travelling on the sea.

Throughout the crossing there is the opportunity to see a wide selection of local wildlife including seals, porpoises, killer whales, puffins and other sea birds. As you pass the uninhabited islands of Swona and Stroma watch out for the feral cattle on Swona, now recognised as a separate breed after being left alone on the island since 1974.

Pentland Ferries is a family run business, owned by Andrew and Susan Banks who established the business in 2001. With the arrival of MV Alfred in November 2019, Pentland Ferries is the greenest way to travel to Orkney as the purpose built catamaran is the most environmentally friendly passenger ferry of its size in Scotland.

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