These small ponds are full of birdlife and are the perfect place for a gentle stroll in Kirkwall.

The Peedie Sea is a special part of Kirkwall and the area offers a unique birdwatching opportunity in a relatively urban setting.

There aren't many town centres that feature this kind of green, wildlife-friendly space alongside other sites, shops and supermarkets. But the Peedie Sea is a haven for wildlife, with otters seen in the area and a fantastic array of birdlife.

Winter brings long-tailed ducks, mallards, mute swans, tufted ducks, goldeneyes, and more. You can see redshanks and ringed plovers in the area too, as well as the ubiquitous gulls. Keep a close eye on these flocks as you might even be able to spot a rare visitor, like an Iceland or glaucous gull. Take a look at local wildlife filmmaker Raymond Besant's guide to a winter walk at the Peedie Sea.

The summer months can bring terns, swallows and house martins, but in these months it's also simply a lovely spot for a short stroll or dog walk across the area's network of well-kept paths. A nearby skate-park is regularly full of young folk on skateboards and BMXs too.