There are a wide variety of attractions for visitors to choose from when they visit Orkney.
There are wonderful archaeological sites such as the village of Skara Brae, the best preserved neolithic village in Europe, and part of the Heart of Neolithic Orkney Heritage Site.
There is the beautiful Italian Chapel built during the Second World War by Italian Prisoners of War, an amazing little chapel.
For whisky lovers there is the Highland Park Whisky Distillery where visitors get to try a sample of the Best Spirit in the World! The award winning Orkney Brewery offers visitors the chance to try some of the local ales that are produced in the islands.

As well as the popular sites in Orkney I also offer visits to the smaller quieter sites that can be found all over the island.
I want your visit to Orkney to be as enjoyable and as memorable as possible and can tailor individual itineraries to suit your requirements.
As well as being available as a driver guide I am happy to act as a step-on guide if you have your own vehicle.
So whether you are visiting Orkney on holiday or are just here for the day I am here to help.