Orkney Zerowaste, or OZ, is a community-run charity dedicated to the reduction and elimination of waste in Orkney.

We operate a number of educational projects, waste prevention and recycling initiatives around Orkney including:

Steptoze Yard: A community re-use centre where people and businesses can take unwanted items and others can come and take these away for a small donation;

Business Paper and Card collection: Have your business paper and card collected from the doorstep by OZ. Great service and reasonable prices. Available in Kirkwall, Stromness and places in between;

Bruck Store: Bruck Stores are popping up all over Orkney's primary schools. Fantastic fun playtimes for children;

Education: OZ run various education programmes looking at practical ways to help people eliminate, reduce and recycle waste. Look out for us at events and shows throughout the year. You'll usually find us doing some fun activities;

Real Nappies: Come and learn about using Real Nappies. Not only environmentally friendly but saves you money too. Come to a nappychino morning where you can have a relaxed coffee with friends;

Home Composting: Want to try composting at home but don 't know where to start! Come and speak to OZ and we'll be delighted to advise on the do's and don'ts and get you underway;

Workshops: OZ run loads of different workshops through the year. Want to learn some practical hands on skills? Then keep an eye on our website to see what's happening;

Volunteering opportunities: Ever fancy helping out? Need to enhance that CV? Learn some practical skills? OZ can always use an extra pair of hands. As much or as little time as you can spare.