Orkney Trike Tours offers you an exclusive, exciting and, we think, a unique way of exploring the beautiful islands of Orkney. 

Welcome to Orkney Trike Tours - the coolest way to travel around Orkney.

Orkney is situated just off the north east coast of Scotland in a mild maritime climate. It has, for centuries, been a crossroads for sailors. "The Heart of Neolithic Orkney " is a designated UNESCO world heritage site, which shows that even 5500 years ago it was probably a centre of influence for Britain. There has been continuous human habitation through to the present day with some of the inhabitants leaving more of a mark than others. It is what these past inhabitants have left behind that gives Orkney the great wealth of history that Orkney Trike Tours can help you explore - be that Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Viking or 20th century or any time in between.

Orkney Trike Tours offers you an exclusive, exciting and, we think, a unique way of exploring the beautiful islands of Orkney. Don’t be just a tourist in a car or a coach, stand out from the crowd and ride with us and arrive in style. Like life itself it’s not where you end up but how you get there that is important. We believe, when you ride with us, that you will be talking about the great journey, as much as the wonderful destinations that you visit, long after you have departed Orkney. We will give you a memory of not only of the sites you visit but how you traveled there.

We promise to give you something more than just a tour around Orkney - we can give you the “journey” across Orkney. For many of us, our time is valuable, by touring the island on our chauffeured trike, letting us guide you around Orkney, you can combine the pleasure of a trike ride with sightseeing, looking at what Orkney has to offer to the visitor. Let us take the strain by taking you on the best routes to the sites and at the quieter times, if possible, enabling you to just relax and enjoy your holiday.

The essence of a good guide is not to just give you facts and figures and visit sites of interest, but also to inform and entertain you by bringing the past back to life, as we travel aross Orkney. After all, most of our passengers are on holiday and want to be entertained and not lectured to! As your guide, I pride myself on my ability to entertain my passengers with stories and events, not just facts, so I adapt and change every tour just for you. Of course I can go into greater depth on many subjects as and when required and always welcome questions as we tour around. Having grown up and lived most of my life in the country I have a lifetime's interest in both wildlife and agriculture and often incorporate this into my tours.

In 2019, Orkney remembered the Scuttling of the German Fleet In Scapa flow, so why not take our Orkney at War Tour and let us bring events from over a hundred years to life. We run specific tours for Cruise Ships, with timings to pick up and drop off at your ship, for your convenience. This is in addition to the regular tours we offer to ALL visitors to the lovely islands of Orkney. Orkney Trike Tours would like to help you to explore Orkney. By tailoring a tour to your individual needs, enabling you get the most from your time with us. Our aim is to give you, a memory which you can treasure for the rest of your lives.

We at Orkney Trike Tours know that the “atmosphere” on Orkney is not as dry as some places you may visit on your holidays so we supply full waterproofs and helmets to keep you warm and dry.. we also now have heated seats for even better comfort.

All our quoted prices are "per Trike" which holds one or two passengers. Admission charges to attractions visited are extra to the price - unless stated in the tour description.

Other Details:

Prices start at £85 per hour for the trike (the price is for one or two passengers) up to £480 for a full day tour (again this is for one or two passengers).

Spirit of Orkney tours need pre booking to arrange admisssions etc to the distilleries.

Set tours offered are 2 hrs, half day or full day excursions. Celebration tours are 2 or 4 hours long and are often run in the evenings in summer to catch the late summer Sun (weather dependant of course). The shortest tours we usually run takes two hours for a site seeing tour of kirkwall and the surrounding area which is £180 for the trike.

Or most popular tour lasts half a day and costs £295, this is the minimum time to get to see all the Neolithic sites seen. Our most expensive tour costs £480 for a full day tour on the trike.

We can pick up and drop you off at your hotel, Cruise Ship or Ferry if you request. Please remember Orkney is bigger than you think and 2 hours is not long to see the many sites we could visit. We are always happy to try to meet your interests wherever possible and can organise taylor made tours to suit you at no extra cost where ever possibe.

Please contact us or see our web site: www.orkneytriketours.co.uk or our Facebook page for the most up to date information and for full tour details and prices .