Orkney Cheddar is Protected Geographical Indicator (PGI) accredited and is produced from 100% locally-sourced milk from Orkney farms following a traditional recipe and process

Our multi-award winning Orkney Cheddar, revered by top chefs and cheese lovers alike, owes its very special taste to our unique Island surroundings.

We use fresh milk from cattle that graze on Orkney's low undulating farmland; a farmland that has sustained Island farming for over 5000 years due to its deep fertile topsoil. The lush pasture is borne out of our temperate climate, thanks to the proximity of the Gulf Stream, and the long days of northern sunlight in mid summer.

Our cattle feed in this fresh environment for 6 months of the year and then shelter from the harsh winter conditions for the other 6 months, feasting on a range of home grown produce, such as barley, turnips and even grains form local brewers. This distinctive blend of produce helps create a milk that's perfectly balanced in terms of fat, protein and lactose.

The milk is collected daily and driven the short distance to our creamery, where it's subjected to our 'dry-stir method'; a very special approach that differentiates our cheese from all other cheddars. The vat is pitched onto the finishing table, where it undergoes a labour intensive continual stirring to stop the curd from bonding, creating a firm and dense-bodied cheese with a rounded mellow flavour - and a texture that's consistent all year round.

That's why, when you first taste our cheese, you'll feel our unique Island climate and traditions speak to you through the strong and creamy nature of the extraordinary Orkney Cheddar.