Heather Croy’s Viking inspired silver jewellery is both beautiful and practical, reflecting her desire to create pieces that can be worn and enjoyed every day.

Deerness based Heather has worked with her hands for most of her life, but turned her passion into a full-time business around a decade ago. Long fascinated by Orkney’s Norse heritage, Heather uses traditional Viking silver working methods to make her attractive, functional jewellery and maintain the connection with island craftspeople of the past. All of her jewellery is made using ethically sourced and recycled eco-silver.

Bracelets are Heather’s speciality, but she also creates brooches, necklaces, torques, scarf rings, bookmarks and unique christening gifts. More recently, Heather has expanded her range to include glasswork and she manufacturers all of the colourful beads incorporated into her jewellery.

Heather accepts commissions too and loves designing and producing special, one-off pieces for customers. She enjoys demonstrating her craft and is always happy to welcome visitors to her Deerness workshop where her jewellery is available to buy. You’ll also find Heather’s work for sale online in her Amazon shop, and in outlets throughout the islands.