North Ronalday's iconic lighthouse is the tallest land-based lighthouse in the UK.

It was built in 1852 by Alan Stevenson and stands at a height of 42 metres. Its light is aided by a Fresnel lens that enables it to extend 24 nautical miles (28 miles), assisting and guiding shipping.

The beautiful old red brick building has stood strong against all kinds of weathers, much like its predecessor, the Old Beacon, which is found nearby. The Old Beacon was the third lighthouse built in Scotland, after Kinnaird Head and Mull of Kintyre, having been first lit on 10th October 1789.

The area surrounding the lighthouse is well worth exploring, with old structures linked to the island's farming heritage and a bird hide for spotting many of the migratory birds seen here. The local North Ronaldsay sheep are fairly tame at this end of the island too. If you're staying overnight then don't miss a visit to the lighthouse when the light is in action.

Tours of the lighthouse are available where you can climb the 176 steps to view the 360 degree sea views from Orkney to Shetland and all in-between. Contact 07703 112 224 to book.

Also around the Lighthouse are the two self-catering Assistant Lighthouse Keepers Cottages, as well as the Wool Mill. The Mill is busy processing the local fleeces into yarn and felt.