Orkney’s coastline is littered with sea-stacks, caves and natural arches. Some are famous, like the Old Man of Hoy, but others sometimes slip by unnoticed.

That’s certainly the case of North Gaulton Castle. This spectacular and delicate 170-foot stack can be found on the west coast of the Orkney mainland, south of Yesnaby.

This sea stack is part of a dramatic stretch of coastline that includes the Yesnaby Castle stack and much more. It also featured in an an advert in the 1990s when a car was placed on top of it! You can find it by heading south on the coastal path from Yesnaby

North Gaulton is well worth taking the time to explore as you’ll be greeted with beautiful scenery and wildlife. it's one of those special Orkney locations that you’ll probably have all to yourself, and the surrounding cliffs provide the ideal viewing point.