One of the finest chambered cairns in the country, and a special site to visit.

Midhowe Chambered Cairn in Rousay is nicknamed 'the Great Ship of Death' given its sheer size, and the fact the remains of at least 25 humans were found here during exacations in the 1930s. This huge site is covered by a modern hangar which offers protection, but also the chance to walk above the cairn - a truly unique experience.

At more than 32 metres long it's a spectacular site, but retains parallels with other locations in Orkney, including the Knap of Howar in Papa Westray. There are upright slabs that split the cairn into 12 stalls, with shelves and sub-divisions also visible.

PLEASE NOTE: Visitors can explore inside the tomb via the raised walkways. Access restrictions remain in place for much of the ground level of the cairn.