You might miss it at first glance, but this small part of the street in Stromness has played a role in some incredible moments in world history.

Nowadays, Login's Well is very much an understated treasure in the town.

Ships from the Hudson's Bay Company drew their final stores of water from this well for more than two hundred years before setting course across the Atlantic. In 1780 Cook's ships 'Endeavour' and 'Discovery' loaded fresh water from here too.

Then, in 1845, Sir John Franklin’s ships 'Erebus' and 'Terror' called here before sailing across the Atlantic in search of the Northwest Passage, only to be lost in an Arctic winter. This expedition would go on to play a major part in the life of Orcadian Arctic explorer, Dr John Rae, who is now commemorated by a statue at the Stromness Pierhead.

The well was finally sealed up for good in 1931.