'We're Good to Go' by ensuring we adhere to the most up-to-date public guidelines for the duration of your tour. We will give you advanced notice before your tour of how to be safe, have fun and to enjoy all that Orkney has to offer

Tour with Lizzie Linklater - enjoy the history, culture and heritage of the islands in a special Orkney Tour. As a local driver guide who has lived in Orkney all her life, Lizzie offers set and bespoke tours in a comfortable 8 seat mini bus. Find out more about the tours available by visiting www.lizziesorkneytours.com

Tours Available:

  • Orkney World Heritage Tour
  • Orkney Pre-History Tour
  • Scapa Tour
  • The Orkney Tour
  • Tasting Tour

Join Lizzie for a great Orkney experience!