Legionella Risk Assessments:

To ACoP L8 / BS8580 / HTM-04-01 / SHTM-04-01 Standards

The starting point of the process – a comprehensive water hygiene survey

  • A Condition Survey - Inspection and testing where applicable of:

            All plant ( cold water tanks and water heaters or boilers );

            All outlets ( taps );


            Spa baths;

            Any other locations or equipment where water is used or stored.         

  • Water Analysis

            Our standard water sampling and analysis includes bacteriological Total Viable     Count ( “TVC” ), Legionella, E-coli and P. Aeruginosa.

  • A Condition Survey Report & Risks and Actions Summary           

            This comprehensive report includes:-

  • A description of your system & Asset Register;
  • Results of Condition Survey;
  • Identification of potential risk systems or equipment along with recommended remedial actions;
  • A Written Control Scheme to reduce or eliminate risk;
  • Monitoring, inspection and maintenance procedures;
  • Guidance regarding emergency procedures.
  • A Site Log Book for ongoing monitoring

            Fully compliant and ready for immediate use by Site Managers and their staff.

  • Follow up Review Visit

            Post delivery of the Risk Assessment, a site meeting to discuss the findings and   recommendations.



Legionella & Water Hygiene Monitoring

The Risk Assessment is the start of the process. To then ensure ongoing compliancy monitoring procedures need to be implemented. Depending on the size of the site or the complexity of the water system, such procedures can place significant demands on staff time.


We can carry out a range of activities on your site supplementing your own monitoring and carrying out specific tasks, or by implementing the entire monitoring process.

Our monitoring packages include:

-           Monthly temperature monitoring from sentinel and non sentinel outlets;

-           Monthly and annual checks on hot water heaters and boilers;

-           Cold water storage tank inspections;

-           Quarterly shower descale and disinfections;

-           Periodic descaling of outlets and equipment;

-           Water sampling and analysis;

-           Emergency and routine clean and disinfections.

Monitoring - Reporting and Record Keeping

As part of our monitoring and compliance service:

-           On site and our own electronic log books updated with full reporting to the client;

-           Compliance reports issued with full tracking and trending analysis;

-           Exception reports issued identifying new risk areas for prompt remedial actions;

-           Regular review meetings with the client;

-           Full support to managers and staff throughout your organisation.