LAND ART - PAPA WESTRAY (L.A.P.W.) was established in August 2007 as an artists ' run, not-for-profit, international project working on research and development of place-specific art and curatorial practice


PAPAY GYRO NIGHTS is an international contemporary art festival (mainly experimental film and video art in connection with visual art, performance, music and architecture) holding place in unique settings of extreme remoteness of the island Papa Westray (aka Papay, or Papey in Meiri), and in the time of extreme winter weather conditions

The idea of the festival has originated from the ancient Papay tradition of The Night of The Gyros (or Gryla, or Grylur as its know in other Nordic countries), which till the beginning of 20s century was celebrated on the island in the first full moon of February.

Against as reconstructing what is gone and almost forgotten, the Festival is a reflection on the folktale, the island 's landscape and heritage as well as interpretation of tradition and ritual through new developments in art, music and architecture.

Festival as a Research lab and the place for a discussion about interaction between new media, ideas in relation to tradition and ritual


collaborative Place - Specific Research and Work Production Annual Event which is taking place at selected sites in Berlin, Papa Westray (or other locations above 59° North) and in Hong Kong

The event is open to all creative fields (visual, performance, music, writing and others) and to crossover between various fields

The event is organised by Land Art - Papa Westray (Orkney), Malschule Wladimir Prib (Berlin) and C&G Artpartment (Hong Kong)

PAPEY LISTSKJUL (Papay Arts Centre) is developing a programme of Exhibitions, Concerts and other Events in unique settings of extreme remoteness and providing platform for artists and curators to experiment

Beside not-for-profit activities PAPEY LISTSKJUL has an ambition to establish itself a commercial gallery representing artists involved into the Land Art - Papa Westray Projects at major international art fairs,

At the present PAPEY LISTSKJUL doesn 't have permanent location on the island, but using landscape and existing buildings and structures as a project spaces through introduction of place-specific programmes.

Eventually we 're planning to build artist 's studios, exhibition and performance space and house for the island’s art collection. To build is a good opportunity for development of the concept of Orkney Architecture: trough philosophical discussion, implementation of latest ideas in sustainability, new technologies and materials and involvement of leading international architects to design and build in Orkney