Krazy Lady Knitting
Located in the picturesque islands of Orkney, Scotland you will find Krazy Lady Knitting, a company dedicated to producing quality handcrafted designer gifts for you. Hand knitted by our experienced crafts people and exclusively designed by Fiona Grahame, Krazy Lady Knitting, has the perfect gift for you.

Hand knitted gifts
All Krazy Lady Knitting products are hand knitted and use quality yarns. Unless otherwise stated the yarns used are pure wool from Shetland and the rare breed North Ronaldsay sheep. Krazy Lady Knitting has a range of designer gifts including: shawls, stoles, baby clothes, dolls, hats and shrugs. The designer, Fiona Grahame has blended the traditional with the modern in a range of gifts.

Pure wool shawls
The traditional hand knitted shawls are available in 2ply and 1ply pure Shetland wool . Coming in boxes the shawls are available in circular or square designs. All shawls are available in white with other colours available on request. The 2ply shawls are hand knitted using 2ply lace weight Shetland wool and are incredibly soft but practical. A perfect gift for baby. The 1ply shawls are hand knitted using cobweb yarn which produces a gossamer weight shawl. If you are looking for that special unique baby gift hand knitted with love - then this is the gift for you.

Pure wool ladies’ stoles
The hand knitted pure wool ladies’ stoles are available in a variety of yarns and colours. Fiona Grahame has exclusively designed for Krazy Lady Knitting a range of ladies’ stoles using 2 ply lace weight Shetland pure wool and the thicker North Ronaldsay pure wool. Designs can be adapted for you on request. The hand knitted stoles use beautiful traditional patterns and lace knitting.

Designer Fiona Grahame
Coming originally from Edinburgh, Scotland, Fiona Grahame has lived and worked in the islands of Orkney for over 25 years. With Krazy Lady Knitting Fiona has combined her love for Orkney with her passion for using traditional hand knitting. Using centuries old traditional knitting designs along with quality yarns Fiona has produced a range of gifts. Fiona believes in producing hand knitted gifts with care and skill. If you do not see the design for you contact Fiona at Krazy Lady Knitting, Roselea Cottage, Lyking Road, Sandwick Orkney KW16 3HY Scotland. Telephone (01856) 841 853