For anybody that is interested in taking the next step in their diving education and giving themselves longer to enjoy the underwater world, or simply exploring it, we offer various Diving courses and guided dives based in Scapa Flow, Orkney.

Here at Kraken Technical Diving we pride ourselves on making safe 'tec' divers. This means that we do not just take the minimum time to complete these courses. So if you want a quick flying course we probably aren't the school for you!
Instead we do more than the required course dives with a maximum of 2 students per group. We do this so you get to spend extra time in the water with the instructor as this is the best way for you to feel confident in your ability and comfortable carrying out the skills learnt.
As well as giving you more time developing your skills in the water and making you a safer diver and a better member of the dive team, this also means that you get more time to explore some of the best shipwrecks in Europe, what a combination!