Quite a portion of our work is profiling of sheet metal using our CNC plasma cutter. This is ideal for making engineering parts but has also led to some fun projects, for friends and presents. These have started life as one-offs but have always been well received as we like to design our own items rather than just use clipart, so we decided to release them onto Etsy, starting with the Moon Gazing Hare set, which continues to be one of our best sellers. We add to these regularly and try to make what we think you would like.

I was asked to make a Bakestone for my mother last year as the one she had made for her by her father back in Wales many years ago would not work on her new induction hob. A few folk saw it and I was asked to make some more, here and there. We saw there was nothing online that quite matched what we were doing so we decided to launch them in our Etsy shop. We are still the only people on Etsy making them and they are all hand finished and made to order. This keeps the quality high and means that we are happy with each one before we send it. These have been purchased in several countries, as we are happy to dispatch internationally, and they have been well received locally on Orkney, where they are known as girdles. A popular present is a kit with one of our bakestones along with a bag of Barony Mill flour, and a recipe book.

Our range has expanded into firepits and house signs, and we are developing new products regularly.

If we make something that's almost what you're looking for, or you have your own ideas, then please get in touch as we take on commission work at reasonable rates also.

James and Emma